Consulting EMS / Electronics


We help you implement your goals.

Every year, we manage a large number of different projects to make companies more competitive and efficient. Together with our clients we perform an in-depth analysis of the unique challenges they are facing and we also offer our services to support the transition to the target state.

We have a unique value proposition and a decided advantage: we work exclusively with electronics manufacturing companies. We are familiar with their challenges and also with a whole range of very good practical solutions. As expert advisors, we cover all important areas of EMS consulting:

  • Sales / strategic advice and support
  • Profitability / analyses, calculations.
  • Examine and optimize organization / process flows
  • Digitalization
  • Optimize and set up factory planning / process lines
  • Contract management
  • and much more

We believe that everything can always be improved. But the result should make a real difference! It should measurably and very efficiently outperform the current state. That’s why we work analytically in examining your target market with its problems and opportunities. We use a tailored approach with criteria specific to your business so you will know what to expect from your market.