EMS Sourcing & Outsourcing


How to select the ideal EMS provider for your assemblies?

Choosing the ideal EMS provider can be a challenge. As consultants for the EMS industry, we are the right contact for OEM „Original Equipment Manufacturer“ companies wanting to relocate their products or looking for a new service provider. We are familiar with the majority (over 300) of the EMS companies in Germany through prior cooperation and know what to look for. We are the perfect partner for:

  • Outsourcing your own electronics production
  • Changing your supplier
  • Sourcing of your assemblies

And we offer so much more! You can also source your assemblies directly from us and we will handle the entire process for you. Or you want to change your supplier and maintain the ability to deliver at all times.

Finding the right partner for your assemblies or devices is something we excel at, but our support doesn’t end there! We can also manage the project phase from prototype to series production together with you and your team. This particular phase is very involved and harbors many risks in practice! However, we are aware of all the most important problems and sources of error and know how to avoid them and minimize the risks. We have extensive experience from managing a great number of successful EMS projects in the past. Get in touch with us, we will gladly advise you.

With our knowledge of the most common obstacles and likely sources of error, we effectively help reduce risks to your project. This saves you both time and money.